Did you miss Registration/Check-In Day?

This year, we can offer you a second chance to register/check-in online.  Just follow the steps below to get your full registration/check-in experience.

2nd-Chance Registration: Step-by-step

Step 1. PTO pledge payment
The Willow Creek PTO holds an annual Pledge Drive to raise needed funds for the school. The pledge drive has been used for over 15 years – 100% of the funds go back into the school. These pledge funds directly impact every student who attends WCE. We ask for 100% participation in the pledge drive. The majority of the PTO's funds come from the Pledge Drive. We supplement these funds with optional and easy ways to help, and fun community events (King Soopers cards, Spirit Night dinners, Box Tops, Spring Carnival, etc). The majority of the pledge funds are used for the Para-Educator staff at WCE, who provide invaluable time and support to teachers and students.
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Step 2: Volunteer Wizard
The Willow Creek PTO organizes no less than 28 programs and committees each year that benefit the staff, teachers and students -- and volunteers are critical to those efforts.  Each year, we ask each student household to choose three volunteer opportunities that meet their available schedule.  The online Volunteer Wizard walks you through the description and need for each committee/program so you can choose which ones are interesting to you.

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Step 3: Parent Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement
If you have chosen to be a parent volunteer, you will need to sign the "Parent Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement."  It's simple and straight-forward and can be done completely online.

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