The Willow Creek Elementary Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO) is a registered non-profit devoted solely to providing resources and assistance to the Willow Creek Elementary School. Participation in the Willow Creek PTO is voluntary and open to all parents and grandparents of Willow Creek Students. PTO Board of Directors elections are held annually in May, if you are interested in being a part of the board, please reach out to for more information!

PTO volunteers are organized into smaller committees to provide assistance for special events and interest groups – all with the purpose of enriching our students’ educational experience. The PTO primarily raises funds via pledging at the beginning of the year during registration. The PTO funds a large portion of the para-educator salaries and also sponsors grants for the school and teachers. Computer equipment, playground equipment, books, magazines, software, field trips and other education supplies are examples of purchases made possible through PTO grants. We encourage all parents to join a committee or attend a PTO meeting to get more information.

Where: PTO community meetings are held in the school library
When: 6:30 P.M. – 8:30 P.M.
Watch the school newsletter and this website calendar for meeting dates.
Why should you join the PTO?

  • Join us to hear about important news and upcoming events.
  • PTO meetings are a great opportunity to meet with other Willow Creek parents.
  • Research shows parent involvement in their student’s education is the #1 influencer in their success as a student.