King Soopers Reward Card

King Soopers Reward Card

Everyone needs groceries, so why not let a percentage of your grocery bill benefit Willow Creek Elementary School?  With a King Soopers Neighborhood Reward Card earning cash rewards for our students is as easy as going to King Soopers to shop!  Every time we reach $5,000 or more in reloads or orders within King Soopers,we earn 5% on the total amount — $5,000 x 5% =$250.00 for the school! Don’t throw your card away! A card can be reloaded for up to $500.00 and can be used indefinitely. Cards can be reloaded at the King Soopers customer service desk or at the register prior to ringing up your purchase.  Just keep reloading it and watch our rewards balance grow and grow!

Step-by-Step Rewards for Willow Creek

Step 1: Buy a King Soopers Willow Creek Elementary Rewards Card
It’s important to note that ONLY reward card purchased from the Willow Creek Elementary PTO will raise money for the school.  No other gift of reward card will work.  You can buy a card directly from our online store (coming soon) or download this printable form and turn it in at the school office.
Step 2: Load Your King Soopers Rewards Card BEFORE you check out at the register

You can estimate your purchase before you check out at the register and load your card for that amount — either at the register just prior to check out or at customer service.  Don’t worry if your estimate is too high or too low – your funds stay on the card if you are too high or you can use an additional payment method at checkout if you’re too low!

Step 3: Keep Your Rewards Card and use it over and over

Leftover funds stay on your Rewards card to use on your next visit to King Soopers.  Each purchase you make using loaded funds keep sending a percentage to the school.  It’s an amazing program that raises money for school projects and is FREE to you!

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