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For more than 15 years, the Willow Creek PTO has managed the annual Pledge Program to benefit the students and staff at Willow Creek Elementary. The results have been amazing and Willow Creek has been recognized as one of the most outstanding schools in the state of Colorado every year. Since 2002, the para-education staff at Willow Creek has been funded almost entirely from Pledge Program funds. Para educators provide valuable classroom, playground and cafeteria assistance every day to ensure all students are getting the attention and supervision they need.

What is the Pledge Program
The pledge program is a per student contribution made as a single annual payment on registration day that goes directly to fund people and programs that benefit each student.

Why should I pledge?
Willow Creek Elementary is an amazing school. One of the things that sets us apart is our  Pledge Program is essentially a “one-day fundraiser.” This means that instead of sending our children out doing door-to-door sales and other fundraisers, we ask that each family makes a convenient, tax-deductible donation at the beginning of each school year at registration.

How much should I pledge?
We ask that all families pledge a donation of $125 for each student attending WCE so we can reach our annual goal of $48,500. The pledge amount is not limited to $125 per student. Any extra pledge support you can contribute goes directly into programs to improve our schools. Many employers also have matching gift programs so please let us know if your company offers this benefit and we will work with you to get them the documentation they need. This is a fabulous and effective way to DOUBLE pledge funds for our school.

Where does my pledge money go?
100% of your pledge goes directly to the school. Your pledge will pay for the para-educator staff and support the classroom teachers in the form of grants that benefit as many children as possible. Without your help, we would not be able to fund teacher requested grants that support the students in the form of iPads, Chromebooks and carts, magazine and software subscriptions, field trip buses and other classroom tools that enhance the students educational experience.

Can I pay my pledge in smaller amounts?
Yes!  If installments are easier for you, you may choose to pay in 3 install­ments over the course of the year — the 1st payment at registration, the 2nd payment in November, and the final payment in February. Just let us know on registration day, and we will take care of the rest!

How do I make my pledge?
You can write a check or pay by credit card on registration day or use our PTO Store to pay conveniently online (coming soon).  See you there!


Jill is president of the Willow Creek PTO for the 2017-2018 school year after having served on the PTO Ways and Means committee. Jill's daughter attends Willow Creek Elementary.

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