Tips for PTOffice Sign Ups

Sign Ups are one of the most-used features of PTOffice.  Sign Ups allow our volunteers to easily create sign-up lists for all kinds of events — to coordinate things like who will bring what or who can help when.  Here are a couple tips for creating Sign Ups:

  1. Avoiding Broken Links:  The most common issues volunteers have (especially since the software upgrade) is broken links to the sign-up page.  This is caused by setting the “Starts:” date and time to the day of the event.  The “Starts:” date should be the date and time you want the sign-up links to start working – so, if you want people to be able to start volunteering right away, set the “Starts:” date and time to TODAY’S DATE and CURRENT TIME.  You might also consider checking the box under “Starts:” and choosing “Anytime/No Specific Date or Time.”

2. Put Dates and Times Within Tasks:  To correctly specify dates and times you need volunteers, use “Tasks” organized by “Specific Time:”

3.  If you get stuck, email your PTO tech

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