Willow Creek Elementary Needs You!!!

Have you ever wondered how you can spend time helping out in the library, in the art room, or ways you can support your teachers after school hours? Do you have a passion for helping or skills that can be utilized to make a difference? Willow Creek Elementary School is an amazing school with the most incredible students and involved and dedicated families. As a community, we support the school and our teachers in so many ways. There are volunteer opportunities for everyone!

To sign up for 2018-2019 volunteer committees use our VOLUNTEER WIZARD.  In addition, laptops will be available at check-in for quick sign-up during registration. There are a variety of opportunities available at Willow Creek Elementary where volunteers are needed. Come join us in making another great year for our students!!! Keep Calm and  Volunteer!!!

Volunteer FAQs

Q: How do I sign up to volunteer?
A: Each individual committee and description is listed in the Volunteer Wizard along with a complete description of the estimated time commitments and duties.
Q: How many committees can I sign up for?

A: Feel free to sign up for anything and everything that interests you! You are welcome to learn about the various options and then decide that some are a better fit than others. The only limits are your available time and interests.

Q: What happens if I sign up for too many committees, my availability changes, or if I am not able to remain on the committee?

A: These committees need you! However, we understand that things change. Typically there are others also signed up and maybe also a committee chairperson.  Sign up and you will get more information and then you can determine what works for you!

Q: What if I have trouble logging in to the PTO web site?
A: If you have any problems, please email it@willowcreekpto.org regarding website issues and Erin Herman and Stacy Masur at volunteers@willowcreekpto.org for more general volunteering questions.
Q: Are there ways that I can help after school hours?

A: Yes!!! Many volunteer opportunities are flexible and involve working from home or after school hours. Check each committee for their needs and details!

Q: When do we get information about all of the clubs for our kids?

A: We will know which after-school clubs will be available early in September. Be on the lookout for those details at that time! It takes some time for the school to work out scheduling and logistics for all the clubs. After-school clubs will be announced and then posted in the front lobby and on the PTO web site as soon as possible.

Q: Where can I just see a list of volunteer committees?

A: Right here!

Accelerated Reader (AR)
Box Tops
Cherry Creek Legislative Community Network (CCCLN)
Chess Club
Classroom Coordinators
Community Connections
Destination Imagination
Directory Committee
D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students)
Focus Board Grounds Committee
International Festival Library
Music Class Volunteer
Parent Information Network (P.I.N.)
PTO Board
School Supplies
Spirit Wear
S.T.E.M./ Robotics
Veterans Week